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Most of what we know about this amazingly soulful congregation comes from Sir  Shambling.com, the extremely knowledgeable and best database on southern and deep soul music anywhere in the world. Ebonystic hailed from Aiken, South Carolina and were led by Lester Smalls. The group had some members from nearby Augusta, Georgia and the lovely ballad ‘Married To One In Love With Another’ definitely came from the Peach state. It is beautifully sung with Smalls’ heartfelt lead particularly impressive. The minimal group backing is reinforced with some heavyweight horns as Smalls ratchets up the emotional tension. Pretty soon after this 45 came out on Scream Records in 1974, the group changed its name to Hearts Of Fire and there are copies of the disc with the new name inked in and Ebonystic scored out. The B-side is a bit unusual, up-tempo dancer with some weird sound ingredients that definitely grow on you with every spin. As original copies are near impossible to find you might as well indulge yourself and get this Everland 45 reissue. And enjoy these top-tunes in a sound quality you never heard them before.

Ebonystic, Married To One In Love With Another / Ain't It Good To You

UGS : B Everland45-004
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