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"Doin' It Right" is the second album re-issued by Luv N'Haight by Mike James Kirkland. A sacred gem in the soul and rare groove canon, it would fetch $500 and upward on the collectors' market at time of re-issue. Mr. Kirkland's sweet soulful voice floats off the turntable and into the collective consciousness on killer joints like "Got To Do It Right," "Love Insurance" and "The Only Change," plus five other groovy tracks. It also includes a phat breakbeat for those interested in that kind of thing. Both "Doin' It Right" and "Hang On In There" are must-haves for all soul lovers. See also "Hang On In There," the first Mike James Kirkland album re-issued by Luv N'Haight.

Mike James Kirkland, Doin' It Right

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