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Hot Casa Records is very honoured to reissue one of the best Afro –beat album in history , included two obscure and incredible tracks! 
Composed by Pierre Antoine , an Ivorian artist with a 15 band members feat the legendary Sammy Cropper on guitar and Lola Everett on vocals. This fantastic album was recorded in Accra ( Ghana) in 1977 and made in Ivory Coast by the famous label Papa Disco. 
Ahui Ngoran Marcel Aka Pierre Antoine was born in 1951 in Aboisso, a city situated at 117 km from Abidjan, in the south east part of Ivory Coast close from the ghanaian border . His name Pierre Antoine is a direct tribute to the french artist « Antoine ». he loved to wear long hair , cool style jacket. 
In 1977 , he settled down in Ghana where he could met the most influencal and prolific Afro Soul scene and started to work with Pat Thomas , his wife Lolla Everett, and the famous guitar player Sammy Cropper. During this period we can hear the musical change of the artist , he was really close to the afro-beat arrangement and the panafrican scene. The musical arrangements of the album are amazing and unique including an hypnotic piano and a fantastic horns section. a must have , simply a Classic Afro Soul album .

Pierre Antoine, Kalabuley Woman

UGS : B HC30
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