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Featuring Antibalas, El Rego, Pax Nicholas, and unreleased tracks from Menahan Street Band, Antibalas, and Innov Gnawa.

Daptone Records is ready to wrap you in a sonic embrace of soulful sounds from across the seven seas. Introducing: The Daptone Rhythm Showcase. Sink your teeth into this bakerʼs dozen of tantalizing, previously unreleased songs by Antibalas (”ÌyàmiÀjé”), Menahan Street Band  (”Dancers' Mood”), Innov Gnawa (”El Bouhala” - from their forthcoming debut full-length, Lila), as well as other deep cuts and diasporic dialogues from across space and time. Get ready to move to this exquisite collection of sultry sounds stretching from the five boroughs of New York to the bustling megacities ofWest Africa, the deserts of Morocco, the sacred and psychedelic landscapes of the Native American West and beyond. Buckle up for this multi-continental rhapsody of rhythm and groove.Musical medicine for the body, mind and soul.

Rhythm Showcase, Vol. 1

UGS : B DAP058-1
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  • 1. Antibalas “A.W.O.L.” 

    2. Antibalas “Ìyàmi Àjé” 

    3. Antibalas “No Fo Iyawo Mi” 

    4. Cochemea “All My Relations” 

    5. Cochemea “Mitote” 

    6. Cochemea “Al-Mu'tasim” 

    7. Innov Gnawa “El Bouhala” 

    8. Menahan Street Band “Dancers' Mood” 

    9. The Budos Band “Ephra” 

    10. The Budos Band “The Proposition” 

    11. Pax Nicholas “Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef” 

    12. The Daktaris “Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti” 

    13.  El Rego “Kpon Fi La”