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Nine unreleased and rare tracks from the amazing Roger Damawuzan also known as the “James Brown from Lomé”, backed by the tremendous “Les As du Benin” orchestra, and recorded between 1972 and 1981. 
Born in 1952 in Aneho (Togo), “The king of Gazo” (a traditional rhythm) is one of the most popular singer of his native country. 
He started his career in 1968 with the “Ricker’s” but his first record was released in 1972 with his now classic hit “Wait For Me”. 
From 1972 to the early 80s alongside “Les As du Benin”, they worked more than 5 days a week at the Hotel Tropicana in front of the sea with many tourists around and it was a very good exercise to work and create a perfect Afro-Soul sound. During this period they also recorded many tracks, sometime in Ghana at the famous Philips studio, sometime during live session for big events in the “Palais des Congres de Lomé” and studio Otodi in Lomé, always live and analog. 
Today Roger Damawuzan lives in Lomé; in 2014 he was the featuring singer on the smash hit “Pas Contente” by Vaudou Game and performed with the band in different European big festivals. 
Roger Damawuzan & Les As Du Benin can be considered as one of the biggest figure of the African Funk scene from the 70s: A must have record!


Guitare Solo: Amegée Baudouin Sax Alto : Bentho Daniel Trumpet : Johny Johny Tenor Sax : Fadina Koffi Drums : Drums & Percussions Bongos : Anani Attih 
Festival de la chanson togolaise, 1971 
Roger “Dama” Damawuzan : Lead Singer Backing Vocals : Akofa Akoussah, Amegée B, Donou William, Dofausco Bass Guitar: Agbaissa Tumba: Amégeé D Second Guitar: Agbeko Keyboard : Master King

Roger Damawuzan & Les As Du Benin, Wait For Me

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