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Recorded Live at S. Paulo in 1982 it was originally issued on Amado Maita’s small indie label in the 80s called Poitou. 
Featuring one of the best Brazilian Sax Players, the legendary Nestico and his sister composer, piano player Lilu. 

Nestico joined several Jazz ensembles in São Paulo, having participated in 1977 in the first Jazz festival held at the Municipal Theater, alongside the musicians Samuel (piano), Nilson (bass) and Caram (drums). 
He performed several times in São Paulo with Syncro Jazz group. In 1982 released with the ensemble the LP “Syncro Jazz - Live”, along with the musicians Lilu Aguiar (piano), Peter Wooley (bass), Vidal (sax and flute), Dagmar (trumpet) and Ronny Machado ( drums). In the repertoire, the songs “Pro César”, dedicated to pianist César Camargo Mariano, “Winter know” and “Black Cock”, all by Lilu Aguiar, “For Guzi” (Peter Wooley), “Cruzan” (M. Santamaria) and Revelation (S. Fortune). The LP contains amazing Fender Rhodes solos in a Heavy Modal Spiritual and Bossa Jazz a la Strata-East & Black Jazz Records. 

Saxophone – Nestico 
Piano – Lilu Aguiar 
Bass – Pete 
Drums – Ronni 
Saxophone, Flute – Vidal 
Trumpet – Dagmar 
Producer – Amado Maita 

Recorded Live at Teatro Lira Paulistana, S. Paulo 24, 25 September 82..

Syncro Jazz, Live

UGS : B MAR020
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