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Recorded and released in 1967 at the height of the Psychedelic movement on the Cotique imprint, The Lebron Brothers deliver an incredible release more than worthy of revisiting. Producer and Cotique label chief George Goldner recalls "All the tricks of way out sounds are put into these numbers. You will hear the weirdest sounds ever cut in Latin dance music. No one has ever dared to produce this sound in Latin Music in the past, but I felt the time had come to do it as all past records had the same sounds. Of course, arrangements had a lot to do with my decision to go on this electronic trip." And that trip is back ineffect with Get On Down’s specialBlack Friday reissue from an oft overlooked portion of the LebronBrothers’ storied history.

The Lebron Brothers, Psychedelic Goes Latin

UGS : B GET59003-LP
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