Messengers Incorporated, Twenty Four Hours A Day / Rejoice

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    7 INCH - P-VINE
    2022 01 09

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    SIDE A:Twenty Four Hours A Day 

    SIDE B:Rejoice


    Keep It Rollin' 45th×45rpm!! 


    ● Limited pressing

    ● First time pressed on 7inch format

    Although the word "ultimate" is rarely attached to the Rare Groove world, there are certain records deserving of such titles and among them, Messenger's Incorporated's Soulful Proclamation is a legendary work of funk and soul. It was dug up in the boom of deep funk, and P-VINE is delighted to be bringing of its most two popular tracks to 7" single. 

    The highlight of the album "Twenty Four Hours a Day" is a funk jam whose contrasting melancholy in the vocals of Barbara Burton add an alluring quality to the single. On the B side, the high tension instrumental funk on"Rejoice" that concludes the album is a power to behold.


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