DJ Cam & Frédéric Beneix present: Wine4Melomanes
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BIS => 2022 02 04

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    1. Isabelle Mayereau – Jeux de Regards
    2. Nemo – Nemo, Jungle Jim
    3. Erik Tagg – Got to Be Lovin’ You
    4. Achim Kück & Friends – Wind
    5. The Mike Nock Underground – Wax Planet
    6. Horace Silver, The Los Angeles Modern String Orchestra – Scott Joplin
    7. Carmen Lundy – Have a Little Faith
    8. Embryo – Knast-Fun
    9. Siegfried Kessler, Serge Bringolf – Sigi Dance
    10. Frédéric Rabold Crew – Ride On
    11. Stan Kenton & His Orchestra – Samba De Haps
    12. Larry Rose Band – The Sand


    DJ Cam & sommelier Frédéric Beneix present Wine4Melomanes, an eclectic and unique compilation album concept, matching fine wines with rare pieces of music produced in the same year.

    Connecting the complexity, sensuality, liveliness of a drink with the harmony, arrangements, voice, orchestration, rhythm and melody of a song, Wine4Melomanes tours France, Germany, Holland, the USA and even Slovakia in search of only the finest musical flavours.

    Ranging from jazz, to pop-rock, to blue-eyed soul from the early 70s right through to 2016, Wine4Melomanes is defined by its sense of musical opulence, with warm rich tones and understated quality evident throughout. Frédéric Beneix’s expert wine pairing suggestions can be found in the album liner notes, or at
    DJ and producer Frédéric Beneix has released original music and edits on several internationally respected imprints, and he also serves as sommelier editor for Sommeliers International Magazine. DJ Cam is known for his pioneering abstract hip-hop musical compositions, his virtuoso use of technology and his fascination for acoustic jazz gaining him international acclaim.