Beat Bronco Organ Trio, Missoula-Nairobi (Pt.1 & 2)

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    2020 09 18
    2021 05 28

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    1. Missoula-Nairobi Pt.1 03:19

    2. Missoula-Nairobi Pt.2 02:41


    Bridging the link between the drummer’s hometown in Montana and the love of african rhythms, Beat Bronco Organ Trio offer us this sublime, lilting instrumental full of precussive warmth and mid-tempo syncopations. 

    This 2-part song is not featured on their recent Road Trip LP, but following hot on the theme of musical travellings. Departing from the land of the shining mountains and heading across continents to the sound of the twangy, rolling guitar, parts 1 & 2 are a delightful yet raw aural journey carried out across a live, 4-track tape machine. 

    Totally analog and fresh, as we often wish music could be.

    Composed by G. Casanova, L. De Mulder and Antonio "Pax" Álvarez. 

    Recorded at Casanova Keyboard Studio. 

    Mixed By Gabri Casanova 

    Mastering by Victor García at Ultramarinos Mastering.


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