The Bleechers, Come Into My Parlour/Check Him Out

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    1. Come Into My Parlour
    2. Check Him Out


    Super Rare And Super Good Early Reggae Anthem - 1969
    Written & Produced by Lee Scratch Perry
    Reissued for the very first time on 7inch single!

    The Bleechers (Leo Graham, Wesley Martin, and a third singer known only as Sammy) were a Jamaican harmony trio who formed around 1968, when they performed some studio work for producer J.J. Johnson.
    The Bleechers are better known though, for a series of outstanding singles they recorded with famed producer Lee "Scratch" Perry a year later, including the ultra-rare smash hit "Come Into My Parlour" and the brilliant "Check Him Out", both featured on this EP. Sadly no album was ever completed.
    Surprisingly, the Bleechers are also famous for tracks they did not do but got credited for… The 1968 incredible “What’s Wrong With You”, their first track on an Upsetter blank is actually not performed by them at all but by the Race Fans!!! And the 1969 “Pound Get A blow” also on an Upsetter blank is in fact a song by The Soul Twins.
    A well-known and explicit track by The Bleechers is the shocking “Ram You Hard” released on the Pama ‘s Punch sublabel in 1969 under the incredible name John Lennon & The Bleechers, where they explicitly describe what's about to happen to a poor young lady: "I ram you hard/To make you feel alright," says the main line repeatedly… Risqué indeed!
    Even with these few standout tracks, the band lacked any proper recognition at the time.
    After disbanding, Leo Graham carried on recording for Lee Scratch Perry as a singer and he wrote a handful of great songs such as the lovely “Want A Wine” in 1972 and the amazing “Black Candle” in 1973.
    Finally, another track Graham recorded for Perry "Voodooism” gave its name to an anthology of Perry-produced Black Ark rarities some 30 years later…


    These two outstanding tracks were released separately on the Upsetter label in 1969: first “Come Into My Parlour” on TMX 202, followed by “Check Him Out on TMX 330.
    Lee Scratch Perry wrote and produced both songs.
    “Come Into My Parlour” was also featured on the Trojan’s Tighten Up volume 2 LP that year also!
    “Come Into My Parlour” has never been repressed since. It is impossible to find in good conditions and is in great demand.

    A SIDE:
    Title: "COME INTO MY PARLOUR" Artist: THE BLEECHERS - 1969
    Genre: Early Reggae/Boss Sound
    Written and produced by Lee Scratch Perry.
    “You are the kind of girl that I've been looking for
    You are the kind of girl that I've been hearing about
    You better come into my parlour
    Said the spider to the fly
    You better come into my parlour
    That's what I'm saying to you now!”

    “COME INTO MY PARLOUR” is a killer Reggay anthem adored by early Reggae fans, on par with the likes of “John Jones” or “Hold Down” previously released on Harlem Shuffle Records. Extremely popular, it has never been repressed since, it is impossible to find in good condition and is very much in demand. With its suggestive lyrics, bold organ, pulsing beat and lovely melody, it is easy to see why “Parlour” is still so much in favour 50 years after its release. Essential!

    B SIDE:
    Title: "CHECK HIM OUT" - Artist: THE BLEECHERS - 1969
    Genre: Early Reggae / Boss sound
    It was initially released as the A side of “The Vampire” by the Upsetters on the Upsetter label in 1969 in UK.

    "Check Him Out" is a cheerful and infectious Reggay tune with wonderful harmonies from the group.
    A marvelous track. Listening closely, it appears to be a musical advertisement giving directions to a record store in Kingston that Perry owned at the time!!!

    It has never been repressed on 7” vinyl. It is a very much in demand song and a perfect B side for this killer double sider…