Showbiz & AG, Runaway Beats

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    A1 Still Diggin

    A2 Fat Pockets (Remix)

    A3 Bounce To This (Remix)

    A4 More Than One Way Out The Ghetto

    B1 Silence The Lamb (Remix)

    B2 40 Acres And My Props

    B3 Hold Ya Head

    C1 Represent

    C2 Silence The Lamb

    C3 Party Groove (Bass Mix)

    D1 Soul Clap

    D2 Party Groove

    D3 Catchin Wreck


    - Never before released instrumental version of Showbiz & AG's debut 1992 album Runaway Slave

    A product of the tight knit Bronx underground posse D.I.T.C., Runaway Slave is a cornerstone album of hip-hop's middle school phase. Building on and borrowing from the layered, jazz-influenced sound of such contemporaries as Gang Starr and Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Showbiz & A.G. affixed a gangster mentality to grainy, fortified beats, etching their own unique style. While the crossover "Soul Clap" and "Party Groove '' are club cuts, the rest of the album is more densely expressive. Showbiz and his talented peer Diamond shape their beats around simple, deep drum tracks -- but add subtle loops of chaotic horns, loose strings, or abrupt piano notes to create concise and hard-hitting overtures


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