George Semper & Joanne Vent, Knowbody’s Gonna Love You

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    A – “Know body’s Gonna Love You (Original demo) 

    B - “Know body’s Gonna Love You (Joanne Vent)



    Dynamite cuts releases a first time masterpiece The George Semper Music Archives & Dynamite Cuts Records The first in a series of unreleased Soul, Funk and Jazz shakers and movers.Open your ears to these unearthed gems and experience the visions of George Semper. 

    This amazing soul dancer “Knowbody’s Gonna Love You” written by George almost 50 years ago. Lying dormant on a master tape was not only his wonderful demo by George but, also this amazing vocal version by the lesser known soul singer Joanne Vent. Both have never seen the light of day until Now!!! 

    Includes a re-production of the original sleeve with looks amazing! 


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