Totem, Descarga

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    2020 11 13

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    SIDE A

    A1. Heloisa

    A2. Orejas

    A3. Manos

    A4. Pacifico

    A5. Todo Mal

    SIDE B

    B1. Negro

    B2. Mi alcoba

    B3. Un sueño para Gonzalo

    B4. Descarga


    Format:  (140 gram vinyl, gatefold & insert)

    “Descarga” (1972) is the second album by Totem, one of the most important bands in Uruguay’s musical history. Now reissued by Little Butterfly Records in a deluxe gatefold edition (includes insert).

    The Spanish word "descarga" in a literal sense can refer to several things: lighten charge (material or emotional), make a violent blow, fire a firearm, receive an electric shock, among others. But from 1972 Totem gives to “descarga” a soundful meaning, where it is possible to hear the protest of a country on the brink of collapse, the guitar riffs reminiscing to bands like El Kinto and the psychedelia with the smell of the sea invoked by the ¨lonjas¨.

    This album was the meeting of six pairs of hands tanned by jamming for long hours at night, which together temper and give personality to a style for export. For almost half a century these songs have rested placidly in the grooves of “Descarga”. Today Little Butterfly Records awakens them in a deluxe reissue, to put back in rotation an essential record of Uruguayan history and ¨descargar¨ once again the ancient sounds of the true Candombe Beat. 


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