Charlie Coombes, All In The End Is Harvest
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RSD 2020

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A1 Clockwork

A2 Animal Heart

A3 Flycatcher

A4 Dead Helicopter

A5 Full Circle

B1 Bring The Shotgun

B2 Mirrors

B3 The Pendulum

B4 All In The End

C1 Far From The Sea

D1 Dead Helicopter (Raw Version)


ALL IN THE END IS HARVEST is the fourth studio album from Charly Coombes, written and recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil.The album is a return to roots for Coombes, with a fresh, high energy sound that hints at his beginnings, on the road with Supergrass, The New Breed and 22-20s.With performances from his brothers and Supergrass members, Gaz & Rob Coombes, and Ride's Loz Colbert, ALL IN THE END IS HARVEST calls on Coombes' background as a pianist and brings an organic, warm and complex approach to a modern rock and roll album.In Coombes' words: "The album is about reconnections and coming full circle, not just with the lyrical content and concept, but also in getting together with friends and family for the first time on a record.I think it's a very honest album - it was a joy to write and record."LTD 1K RSD 2020 release.200g Super Heavy Weight Vinyl.Machine Numbered Sleeve.