Leonardo Marques presents Ilha Do Corvo Sounds Volume I

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    1LP - 180G / DISK UNION
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    Side A

    1- Leonardo Marques - Acordei (3’01”)

    2- Bernardo Bauer - Coragem (4’54”)

    3- Moons - Creatures Of The Night (4’10”)

    4- Giovanni Leão - Não se Emburreça (3’43”)

    5- Douglas Scalioni Domingues - Saidera (4’52”)

    Side B

    1- Gui Hargreaves - Pra Ela (4’03”)

    2- Leonardo Marques - Ilha do Corvo (3’01”)

    3- Arthur Melo - Força (4’00”)

    4- Rodrigo Damati - Bonita (2’45”)

    5- Invisível - Dignity & Devotion (3’50”)


    180g heavy vinyl pressing, comes with a 4p insert including an interview with Leonardo Marques, artists biographies and exclusive pics.

    Multi-talented musician, singer songwriter, music producer, and sound engineer Leonardo Marques selects ten musical gems recorded at his Ilha Do Corvo studio in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The studio is equipped with vintage instruments and gear from various decades which creates a unique sonic landscape and sound signature in each record it produces. Ilha do Corvo is also an indispensable creative hub for the inimitable Belo Horizonte and Minas Gerais musical scene. This compilation highlights some of the best works recorded at Ilha Do Corvo over the past few years and features some of the brightest talent to record in the studio, with music by Bernardo Bauer, Moons, Giovanni Leão, Douglas Scalioni Domingues, Gui Hargreaves, Arthur Melo, Rodrigo Damati, Invisível and Leonardo Marques himself. This is essential Brazilian music at its best!


    Compilation production and tracks selection by Leonardo Marques, Greg Gouty (180g) and Yusuke Erikawa (Disk Union)

    Executive Producer: Greg Gouty

    LP Mastering by Anderson Guerra at Bunker Analog (Belo Horizonte / MG) Front and back cover photos by Lucca Mezzacappa

    Artwork by Nicolas Kerembellec (nker.fr)

    Interview proofreading by Brian Durr (Diskotopia) and Japanese translation by Yusuke Erikawa.


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