Instrumental Gems, vol. 3 - Spanish Bossa Nova 1972/1977
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    1. Ramón Gil "Suena Bossa" 

    2. Orquesta Mario Sellés "Pata de conejo" 

    3. Dany Roy And His Band "Bossa en beat" 

    4. Nick Wilson "Brasil coconuts" 

    5. Conjunto Nueva Onda "Tumba y bembe" 

    6. Rafael Martínez "Fiesta en Río" 

    7. Lorca-Saboya "La costa" 

    8. Orquesta Tamba 8 "Tamba 8" 

    9. Red-Key “Maranha"

    10. Unidades “Brasilia" 

    11. Conjunto: Olivino “Vanessa" 

    12. Elipse "Junto a ti" 

    13. Play Boys "Te quiero" 

    14. Antonio Barco “Arigato"


    The third installment of our "Instrumental Gems" compilations is finally out, focused on discovering treasures of instrumental music recorded in Spain during the 60s and 70s. 

    Those were years when a significant number of orchestras and dance ensembles proliferated in Spain, most of which barely managed to press their songs on vinyl, but if we look deeper into the catalog of small labels of the time or self-released singles, we find pieces of undoubted quality. 

    Many did not have a commercial course since the orchestras used them basically on a promotional level to get concerts or generate copyright, and it is for this reason that they are so hard to find for collectors of the genre. 

    Most authors opted for pasodoble, swing, groove and Spanish soul, being bossa nova a genre less used in their compositions. The purpose of this compilation is to highlight a hidden treasure among those wonderful EPs, instrumental jewels that drink from the simplicity of bossa, to flirt with hotter rhythms close to Latin jazz, an explosive mix hidden in the 14 cuts of the LP.