Elcados, This World Is Full Of Injustice

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BIS => 2023 05 19
RSD 2022 - DROP 1
1973 => 2022

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    A1 I Was Stunned Into Speechlessness
    A2 Run Away Girl
    A3 The World Is Not Straight
    A4 Power To The People
    A5 Time Waits For No Man
    B1 Ku Mai Da Hankan (Let's Be Polite And Together)
    B2 Loving Is Right
    B3 Chokoi And Oreje


    Released for Record Store Day | April 23, 2022
    Repressed for the first time.
    Limited Edition.

    The ultra-rare holy grail masterpiece by Elcados originally released by EMI-Nigeria in 1973 and recorded by Kayode Salami. It’s their debut album, a real gem played in an extraordinary inspired moment. A top shelf heavyweight Afro-Psych Funk-Rock. Leader of the band the great guitarist Frank Martins. Featuring 'Ku Mai Da Hankan’.