Les Amazones de Guinée / Moussa Doumbia, Samba

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    A Amazones De Guinee – Samba
    AA Moussa Doumbia– Samba


    Honestly, I can't tell you how happy I am to have this one back in stock. Very selfishly first, as I have been hoping to get my hand on this tune for literal years. I'm pretty sure I came across 'Samba' through a Four Tet mix some time ago. More recently I had to jump out of my house hearing it out of nowhere. It turns out it was soundtracking my neighbour's gardening session (well Gilles Peterson was).

    'Samba' is a killer African Funk number delivered live by an all-female bande hailing from Guinea, the kind that makes it impossible not to move your legs and drop whatever it is you're doing to have a feverish boogie !

    On the flip, and on a different - yet still funky - tip, Moussa Doumbia also delivers his own 'Samba'. This one is equally hot and should be an instant crush for Fela and Orchestre Poly-Rythmo's enthusiast alike.