Mulatu Astatke, Yegele Tezeta / Yekatit
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    A: Yegele Tezeta
    AA: Yekatit


    Africa 45, number 3; a Mulatu Astatke double A side.

    Mulatu is an Ethiopian born instrumentalist, composer and arranger extraordinaire. Schooled in the UK and then the USA, Mulatu fuses jazz, latin and traditional Ethiopian styles to create a unique sound, most commonly referred to as Ethio-jazz.

    Over the past decade years he has gained much exposure via the Ethiopiques series, a collaboration project with the Heliocentrics, and through the inclusion of ‘Yegelle Tezeta’ - featured here - in the soundtrack of Jim Jarmusch's film, ‘Broken Flowers’, starring Bill Murray.

    A: Yegele Tezeta

    Low slung, mysterious organ led groover, with building, layered horns a sampled by Nas & Damian Marley on ‘As We Enter’ released in 2010.

    Originally appeared on the legendary ‘Ethiopian Modern Instrumentals Hits’ compilation album from Ethiopia in 1974, of which six out of ten tracks were by Mulatu. It was also released on an Amha 7”, that is very tough to find.

    AA: Yekatit

    Originally appeared on the also legendary ‘Ethio Jazz’ album by Mulatu that changes hands for $1000's, released in Ethiopia. Typically Ethiopian horn line, about as classic as it gets.