Straight Jacket, Greatest Part of Loving You

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    1 Greatest Part Of Loving [clip]

    2 Fun [clip]


    In about 2003 I did some work for Deepfunk and Northern Soul Legend Keb Darge and as was the way back then I received payment in vinyl. Included in the pile was this little Detroit number which I instantly fell in love with.

    In 1980 David Mcmurray and Adell Shavers and David McMurray (who went on to be a member of 80s hit band 'Was Not Was') wrote and produced this Amazing Detroit Modern / Boogie 45 which for some reason suffered the same fate of many of AOTN releases and disappeared from history. But thanks to the generation of collectors before me this gem sat safely in Northern collection such as Keb's for years waiting for its day in the sun. It only got limited play but recently the record has had a resurgence in popularity and value which it deserves.

    After a tip off from Jason Stirland (Soulstax Records) I found David McMurray and it was wonderful to find he was keen to help me bring this wonderful 45 back into the limelight. So here we are…