The Musalini, The Return Of The Oro

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2021 07 09

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    A1. Five Is On Us 

    A2. Intro 

    A3. Peach

    A4. Bad Guy 

    A5. Fuck Wit Me 

    A6. Blood Diamonds

    A7. Mob 

    A8. Looking Single 

    A9. Players Ball 

    A10. Halo (ft. Ransom)

    B1. All Money 

    B2. 1 Train (ft. Emilio Craig) 

    B3. Massage Chair 

    B4. The Mack 

    B5. Survive 

    B6. Pimp R Us 

    B7. Talk 2 U 

    B8. Rosie Perez 

    B9. Pick N Move 

    B10. Bonus


    After dropping a string of strong releases between the top of 2019 and the end of 2020, Uptown NYC’s The Musalini has quickly made a name for himself in hardcore Hip-Hop. After dropping two solo albums with Dutch imprint De Rap Winkel Records, he partnered with Air Vinyl Records to give fans a collab album with Harlem heavy-hitter G4 Jag. Then, this past Summer he came with the pinnacle of his discography so far, the playertastic The Return of The Oro. This 19-track offering establishes the smooth-voiced Mus as one to watch. As for guests, he links with underground champs like Ransom, Rasheed Chappell, and G4 Jag, as well as his homies Emilio Craig, O Finess, and Izzy Hott.