Anna Wise - As If It Were Forever (LP)
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    1 Worm's Playground

    2 Blue Rose

    3 Abracadabra

    4 Nerve!

    5 Count Your Blessings

    6 What's Up With You?

    7 The Moment (Interlude)

    8 One Of Those Changes Is You

    9 Vivre d'Amour et d'Eau Fraîche

    10 Mirror

    11 Coming Home

    12 Juice


    GRAMMY award-winning musician and producer Anna Wise has announced her forthcoming debut album, As If It Were Forever, out via Alpha Pup Records, along with a new alt-R&B single "Nerve," which was written in a single evening.

    Anna Wise shares, "I created 'Nerve' with Jon Bap and Nick Hakim in a single evening in Brooklyn, NY. Sometimes words and melodies flow out so fast, it's best to have all your tools ready to catch the ideas before they leave you and tap on the next person's shoulder. I had all my tools ready that night, and I'm grateful. Lyrically, it's about spring cleaning your relationships and not being afraid of letting go. Typical, I know, but it's a lesson I am still learning."