Come Shine Drop Collective (CD)
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Format: 1 CD
Date de parution: 2021


Come Shine

Be The Storm

IÕm So Sad YouÕre Leaving

My Favorite Phrase

Blowing The Clouds Away

My Daylight

Old Devil Moon

One With Love

Drop The Words



Second album from Barcelona based Drop Collective, fusing Jamaican influences and jazz.

DROP COLLECTIVE is an ensemble of ten musicians fusing Jamaican music and jazz in a repertoire of own-penned compositions and arrangements, never forgetting the importance of making the audience dance. Antillean rhythms and melodies under the jazz umbrella, but with a reverence for the essence of both traditions. It is clear that many universes can be found in the sound palette of Drop Collective. 'Come Shine', is tight and solid second effort of this young band founded in Barcelona in 2016. The immediate first impression of the album is a tight, solid and synchronous sound yet, full of details. This instantly activates the mental shortcuts that select the necessary information to understand that 'Come Shine' is an outstanding album. A feeling that accompanies all time during the ten tracks of the album, eight sung in English and two instrumentals. The jazz education of the musicians, in addition to technique and skill, gives them great ease to submerge themselves in modes and tonalities that, due to their subtleness can go unnoticed at a first listen in some cases, but which form the foundations of the sound of Drop Collective It is clear that the fusion of jazz and Jamaican music is not a new thing, but Drop Collective embraces the style with astonishing naturalness and bold enthusiasm. The collective is capable of assembling songs full of emotion, grounded on a versatile and tight brass section and the sweet voice of its singer, providing equal dignity to songs built from an ephemeral melody or from an elaborated kickoff. In all cases, with the refined arrangements of a solid and brilliant block.