Armand Hammer, Shrines (COLOR)
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    SIDE A

    1. Bitter Cassava ft. Pink Siifu (produced by Earl Sweatshirt)

    2. Solarium (produced by Navy Blue)

    3. Charms ft. KeiyaA (produced by Child Actor)

    4. Pommelhorse ft. Curly Castro (produced by August Fanon)

    5. Leopards ft. Nosaj (produced by Fat Albert Einstein)

    6. King Tubby (produced by Nicholas Craven)

    7. Frida ft. Quelle Chris & Fielded (produced by Andrew Broder)

    SIDE B

    8. Slewfoot (produced by Andrew Broder. Additional production by Psymun)

    9. War Stories (produced by Messiah Musik)

    10. Flavor Flav (produced by Steel Tipped Dove)

    11. Dead Cars ft. R.A.P. Ferreira (produced by Kenny Segal)

    12. Parables ft. Akai Solo (produced by Navy Blue)

    13. Ramses II ft. Moor Mother, Earl Sweatshirt & Fielded (produced by Navy Blue & Andrew Broder)

    14. The Eucharist (produced by Messiah Musik)


    Shrines is the new album from Armand Hammer—ELUCID and billy woods—their first since 2018’s AOTY Paraffin. As ever, this release finds the duo treading fresh ground; swimming through rogue rhythms, rhymes skating over the abyss. Fourteen songs. A hundred glassine envelopes in a shoebox. A thousand stops on the train. Fire is stolen, not given.

    Shrines features contributions from Quelle Chris, Moor Mother, Earl Sweatshirt, Navy Blu, Andrew Broder, Fielded, Messiah Muzik, August Fanon, KeiyaA, Kenny Segal, Nicholas Craven, Akai Solo, Curly Castro, Pink Siifu, Steel Tipped Dove, Fat Albert Einstein, Nosaj and R.A.P. Ferreira.