Aminé, Twopointfive
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    A1. YiPiYaY
    A2. Colors
    A3. Neo
    A4. OKWME
    A5. Dididumduhduh A6. Twisted!
    B1. Charmander
    B2 Mad Funny Freestyle B3. Van Gogh
    B4. Between The Lines B5. Sh!t2Luz
    B6. Meant2b


    Having already released several full-lengths, made national appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon’s TV shows, made his acting debut on HBO’s Insecure AND a Grammy nomination in ‘21 for a his collaboration with British group Disclosure for his appearance on “My High” - Aminé was well positioned for the release of TWOPOINTFIVE. The full-length was first issued in the digital space in November of ’21 and is at last available on vinyl. The twelve-track release finds Aminé using the project to explore new sonic territory. This exploration is best evidenced by the project’s lead single "Charmander”, the video for which was lauded by GQ as the "Most Menswear-y Music Video of 2021" for its incredible styling and featured by Pitchfork as one of the best music videos of October 2021.
    Since its release, the album has amassed over 100 million streams and garnered praise from Billboard and Complex in addition to the aforementioned support from Pitchfork and GQ. Speaking on the project, Aminé shares: "The POINTFIVE projects are the breaks in between albums where I give myself the freedom to make music without expectations, focusing instead of spontaneity and the best of what comes from stream of conscious creation, which is why they arrive unexpectedly without a long rollout. It’s an opportunity to create
    for my fans the way I used to in my bedroom."
    TWOPOINTFIVE takes inspiration from various strains of club and dance music, synthesized in a way that feels distinct to Aminé and his brand of clever lyricism. TWOPOINTFIVE acts as the second act to his 2018 project ONEPOINTFIVE, which is also lead with an introduction from Rickey Thompson and arrived in between Aminé’s debut album Good For You and sophomore album Limbo.
    After months and months of anticipation, AminÈ has prepared a vinyl offering for fans of the project to add to their collection for the very first time.