Max I Million, Uncut Gems (COLOR)
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Genre: HIP HOP
Format: 1 LP
Date de parution: 2021
Date de la réedition: 2024


Side A:

01. Uncut Gems (Intro) 02. It’s All Gravy

03. The Cat

04. Let ‘Em Know

05. Dopest Ghost in Town 06. Deep

Side B:

01. Big Time

02. Wavy

03. Cold Blooded

04. Jazzitorium

05. How Smilla Got Her Groove Back 

06. Bless Up


Album artwork designed by acclaimed illustrator, Joe Buck, most notably known for creating the De La Soul is Dead album artwork. 

Vinyl is pressed on sky blue discs with white splatter. 12” x 12” insert included.

After a brief period of genre crossover releases, leaning towards jazz, funk, and electronica, I wanted to get back to the basics. Strictly hip-hop. Coalmine is all about that.”—Max I Million on his new instrumental album, Uncut Gems, with indie label Coalmine Records

Swedish producer Max I Million is back on his hip-hop steez with Uncut Gems, an instrumental album that blends left-field creativity with boom-bap vibes. It’s equal parts futuristic and nostalgic, a distinctive combination of sounds that never gets too comfortable, nor too experimental. Pulling that off is no easy feat, and neither is making it sound this damn good. But that’s just what Max does with this project.

Uncut Gems is pure audio dope that’s loaded with musical layers. And it turns out that Max actually produced these tracks

with that concept in mind, so that listeners would play it again and again to unearth new sounds and production techniques with each spin. “I want to elevate minds and make them feel inclined to, in the words of Dilla, ‘Turn me up another notch in your system!’,” he says.

It’s for those reasons that it’s easy to get lost in standout tracks like “The Cat,” which is as unpredictable as the animal it’s named for, and “Jazzitorium,” a piano-laced tribute to The Pharcyde that’s brimming with ideas. That’s not to mention the Quasimoto-esque “Let Em Know” and emotional “Cold Blooded.” These four tracks alone are enough to make Uncut Gems a must-listen, but when you combine them the rest of the tape? You’re looking at pure brilliance from a truly gifted producer.

Press Quote:

“With the lack of virtually any lyrics, Max does an amazing job at keeping a fresh and dynamic sound throughout the entirety of Uncut Gems. You could totally zone out to this music, but at the same time, you could also get up and boogie to it. There’s elements of classic boom-bap hip-hop on here, as well as heavier elements of the new-school.” -This Song Is Sick