Jus-P, The Essence

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BIS => 2 / 3 WEEKS
2010 => 2023

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Genre: HIP HOP
Format: 1 CD
Date de parution: 2010
Date de la réedition: 2023


1. I Don't Know

2. Who Got da Mic? 3. Breakfast

4. NY Streetz

5. Jus-P Interlude 6. They All Fall

7. Hunger

8. Imagine That

9. Stay on The Grind

10. Ova

11. Outro


Hailing from Queens, New York City, The Shadow Clan was a movement within underground Hip-Hop that generated a buzz back in the early 2000s. They were essentially a 90’s-Hip-Hop-loving army of young artists brought forth under the auspices of the legendary Zulu Nation. This neothrowback crew have gained many fans among Chambermusik listeners with their raw, nononsense style that hearkens back to the days of both the Native Tongues and early Wu-Tang movements. “The Essence” was the first mixtape album by Shadow Clan underboss, Jus-P. Featured here are several Shadow Clan members including GS Advance and Fivestarr aka Bigz, who also contributes several original tracks. To be frank, this is underground hardcore Hip-Hop at its finest, and we are finally presenting it properly to all retail venues. Take a ride through Queens circa 2007 with these then young Z’s as they bring you back to that tru-skool feeling, but at the same time, was perhaps the most important and original movement in Hip-Hop. It should be noted that Shadow Clan preceded both the Pro-Era movement that would come about a few years later, as well as the Griselda movement that would arise a bit later.