San Fransico Christian Center Choir, The Sound of the San Francisco Christian Center

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    A1 I Found Jesus

    A2 Hebrews 12:2

    A3 Let Him In (Your Heart Today)

    A4 The Promise

    A5 Glory (Jesus Set Me Free)

    B1 Let Jesus Have His Way

    B2 As I Worship You

    B3 Songs Of Thanksgiving

    B4 Joy


    When most people think of the musical legacy of San Francisco, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the Summer of Love. Much less likely are you to hear about the City by the Bay’s rich heritage of gospel music. Cultures Of Soul is proud to revisit this chapter in the city’s history with the reissue of The Sound Of The San Francisco Christian Center. The San Francisco Christian Center was one of the first churches to open its doors to disaffected hippies searching for deeper spiritual substance. This era saw new, youth-driven forms of “Jesus music” that fused gospel messages with rock aesthetics. Chief amongst these new-style gospel artists was the San Francisco-based Andraé Crouch, who was one of the influences behind this recording. As a historical document, it provides a breathtaking view into the roots of contemporary gospel music, but as just pure music, it is a transcendent listening experience."