Jesús Gómez y Su Grupo
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BIS => 2 / 3 WEEKS
1967 => 2023

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Genre: LATIN
Format: 1 LP
Date de parution: 1967
Date de la réedition: 2023


Side A: A1. Amor Falso – A2. Sueño de Ilusión – A3. El Rey del Timbal – A4. Este Es Mi Ambiente – A5. Loca ilusión

Side B: B1. Mamita – B2. Ritmo Sabroso – B3. Elida – B4. Pensando En Tu Amor – B5. Mi Musa


Jesús Gómez y su Grupo has been a vinyl jewel impossible to find for decades, a musical treasure ahead of its time with a prodigious voice. Jesús Gómez had not even reached the age of majority when he embarked on the adventure of recording and producing his own album, bringing together songs from the main Afro-Latin rhythms of the moment to which he contributed all his fantastic explosion of creativity. Not long ago, he had earned the epithet of "The Child Prodigy of the Song" which led him to explore and gain experiences in the paths of music since his youth, a passion, but also a craft, that his mother had instilled in him since his childhood and that he shared with other members of his family. Different rhythms, styles, and learnings hardened Jesús so that at only 17 years old he could deliver such a fantastic work, a clairvoyant sound of pure “Salsa” even before it became fashionable to call this type of music that way.

Mythical visits by artists and orchestras from the Caribbean were a catalyst for the appearance of national Venezuelan representatives with a higher professional level who had been working on Afro-Caribbean and Venezuelan rhythms since the 1930s, leaving an indelible mark such as Sonora Caracas, among others. Almost 40 years later, in 1967, as a result of this tradition, a modern and fierce work like this album would be possible, a direct, energetic, rhythmic declaration full of flavors of Guaguancó, Bolero, Descarga, Rumba, and even Guaracha. This base is the hyper fertile ground for the even more fantastic voice of Jesús, with high tones and extreme clarity, perfectly tuned and colorful, a characteristic that will accompany him throughout his life, a blessing, one could say.

Typical of the restless spirit that can be glimpsed on this album, he intertwines rhythms within rhythms, as happens in the singular and mythical “Loca ilusión” that goes from Bolero to Salsa Brava, a turn that leaves a reasonably psychedelic feeling. Let's not forget that we are in a period prior to what would be the canonical Salsa, even since then, this young Venezuelan, at the sound level, was already fluttering over the molasses of the trombones. A gem like “False Love” could get any dance floor on fire right now, a hot guaguancó that should be part of the vault of any Latin music DJ along with the greatest classics like “Tirándote Flores”.

Jesús Gómez is not one to fall short, neither in style nor in rhythm, a true artist from the beginning he also includes Surf and Bossanova pieces, taking his work to other territories without fear. Jesús Gómez y su Grupo was perhaps the definitive step that opened all the doors of a brilliant career for this young man, he would go on to collaborate almost from that moment with countless nationally and internationally renowned orchestras and artists, including Sonora Caracas itself, already historic and still standing at the moment.

If this album reaches your hands, you will have a treasure in it, since it is among the most sought-after in the history of Caribbean music, it has taken El Palmas Music more than 1 year of work to be able to reissue this jewel so that it can finally be accessible to the world while possible, a key piece in the history of salsa in Venezuela and a jewel for the world available maybe for a limited time.