Masta Ace & MF DOOM, MA_DOOM: Son of Yvonne
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2012 => 2023

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    A1 D Ski's Intro

    A2 Ninteen Seventy Something

    A3 Son Of Yvonne

    B1 Da' Pro

    B2 Store Frontin'

    B3 Me And My Gang

    B4 Crush Hour

    C1 Think I Am

    C2 Fresh Fest

    C3 Hoe-Tel Leftovers

    C4 Slow Down

    D1 Home Sweet Home

    D2 Dedication

    D3 I Did It

    D4 Outtakes


    Produced entirely by MF DOOM

    Following the success of two collaborative releases (EMC “The Show”/2008 and Ace & Edo G “Arts & Entertainment” /2009), Masta Ace joins forces with the metal faced MF Doom for Son of Yvonne, a highly personal concept album that celebrates the life and legacy of Ace’s recently departed Mother. Like his 2004 landmark Disposable Arts, Son of Yvonne is meticulously constructed with stories, settings, and characters that resonate with flesh and bone humanity. Interstitial vignettes provide a thematic backbone to the experience, and each track complements and completes the previous to form a narrative whole: a sometimes visceral, sometimes nostalgic slice of Ace’s young life in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

    Entirely underscored by MF Doom’s iconic Special Herbs instrumentals, Son of Yvonne features the Juice Crew general Big Daddy Kane, new comers Pav Bundy (The Bundies), Reggie B and even MF Doom on the mic. It’s Masta Ace’s no frills flow, however, that looms largest above the dusty samples and digger loops that define Doom’s production. Ace’s photo-realistic rhymes about stick-up kids, spraycan artists and wack emcees add extra gravity to his already celebrated reputation as “truly an under-appreciated rap veteran and underground luminary” (Allmusic Guide). Like Eminem recalls in his 2008 autobiography The Way I Am, “Masta Ace had amazing storytelling skills. His thoughts were so vivid.”