Q Three aka EAR. Drum, ​Deaf Ray

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PREORDER 2020 08 14

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    Triple threat artist EAR.DRUM aka QThree returns from his previously released rap/production release: “yesterday is over” to bring his forthcoming instrumental LP. “DEAF RAY” is a continuous effort of establishing his “Neo Blaxploitation” sound.

    It is a well balanced blend of soulful/vocal sample heavy, sci-fi cinematic, graphic novelistic, and luxurious jazz fusion material in the post modernized chop style of production.

    As an engineer, QThree has revolutionized his texturized and vintage sound in the most refined presentation thus far. “DEAF RAY” consistently brands his overall sonic quality, with evident growth.

    The selection of samples displays his inspiration, character, and personality throughout the content well enough to appeal to all listeners.