Da Buze Bruvaz present Clever 1, Perverted and Drunken with Lord Beatjitzu

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    Northern Cups

    Frozen Barrelz of Beer.

    7 Wine Tastin Beggardz

    Staggerin Godz

    Double Dragon Beltz ft. Him Lo

    War against the White Ninjaz

    Crushed Grapez

    Fist of the piece of Shit Fahvuh

    Iron Armor ft. King Kobra(#2 Snake Fist), Driz Lo, Him Lo

    Happy Endinz ft. Him Lo


    - Da Buze Bruvaz have generated a cult following and have released products that have appreciated in value becoming collectors items

    - They have released limited edition vinyl which sells for upwards of $70 plus

    - They’ve featured on tracks with Roc Marciano, Sadat X, Conway the Machine Machine, Rockness Monstah and other underground luminaries

    - Previously featured on sites such as HipHopDX, XXL and This Is 50

    A Kung Fu Epic, Perverted & Drunken is Clever 1's version of The Dangerous Adventures of the Fun side of the Streets including many Loose Women, Wild Night bar fights, and crazy Cookout Block parties Replacement Killer Style.. With the assistance of Martial Art Master of Beatz, Lord BeatJitzu every track is it's own feature film featuring A Money Hungry, lady Groping, Drunken but Wise Old Man that would teach you the science of the arts as he Injures your life. Also serving as a dedication to the Elders in Hip Hop who paved the way. Expect Clever 1 at his rawest and most lyrical. Enter the dojo of the mind and prepare for Combat!