Kifu Mitsuhashi & Kiyoshi Yamaya, Shakuhachi: Sato no uta
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1976 => 2022

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    A1 花笠音頭 = Hanagasa Ondo
    A2 秋田おばこ = Akita Obako
    A3 相馬盆唄 = Soma Bon-Uta
    A4 おてもやん = Otemoyan
    A5 真室川音頭 = Mamuro-Gawa Ondo
    A6 五木の子守唄 = Itsuki No Komori-Uta
    B1 よさこい節 = Yosakoi-Bushi
    B2 八木節 = Yagi-Bushi
    B3 郡上節~かわさき~ = Gujo-Bushi ~Kawasaki~
    B4 北海盆唄 = Hokkai Bon-Uta
    B5 安里屋ユンタ = Asadoya Yunta
    B6 黒田節 = Kuroda-Bushi


    Originally released in 1976
    Arranged by Kiyoshi Yamaya
    Featuring Shakuhachi master, Kifu Mitsuhashi

    Kifu Mitsuhashi studied with Soufu Sasaki of the Kinko-style shakuhachi in 1968. He became a member of Pro Musica Nipponia and participated in many concerts both in Japan and overseas after completing the NHK Hougaku Training Program in 1972. Mitsuhashi studied with Chikugai Okamoto of the shakuhachi fukesyu meian souryuukai in 1974. He was awarded as top soloist of the 1st Pan Music Festival in 1976.

    Kiyoshi Yamaya is a Japanese jazz composer, band leader born in Tokyo on March 29, 1932. As a musician commonly playing the alto or baritone saxophone, he had been a part of bands like Tetsurou Takahama and Eskyer Cats and Hiromichi Yamamoto and Champagne Serenade.

    Originally released in 1976, “Shakuhachi: Sato no uta” is a collaboration between these two artists. The album artfully combines each musicians respective genres of expertise, resulting in an incredible fusion of both jazz and traditional Japanese folk music.