Ryo Fukui Trio, Live at Vidro ‘77

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2021 05 14

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    Mellow Dream

    Speak Low

    Body And Soul

    Love For Sale

    Mr. P.C.

    My Foolish Heart


    This is a completely unreleased live recording from June 8, 1977.

    The recording was made at the Sapporo live house “Vidro” by Masataka Ito, the producer of Fukui’s “Scenery” and “Mellow Dream”.

    This is the performance of the Fukui Trio at that time, but at the same time, it has an overwhelming amount of heat and freshness that you don’t find in-studio recordings, and it is very exciting. Not to mention the brilliant 16-minute “Mellow Dream”, the dynamic “Speak Low”, the lustrous “Body & Soul”, the galloping “Love For Sale”, the profound “Mr. P.C.”, and the spilling “My Foolish Heart”. It was an amazing performance.