Orquesta Mayombe, Con Ritmo Del Tambo

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    El Eden De Los Roncos - Orquesta Mayombe 00:49
    Pineiro - Orquesta Mayombe 05:16
    Esa Brujeria - Orquesta Mayombe 08:14
    Raices Cubanas - Orquesta Mayombe 01:25
    Yo Tengo A Chango - Orquesta Mayombe 02:32
    Chino's Yambu - Orquesta Mayombe 01:40
    Rumba En El Solar - Orquesta Mayombe 06:08
    La Confianza, Pongan Atencion, La Mulata Encarnacion - Orquesta Mayombe 03:39
    Cuba Y Africa Son - Orquesta Mayombe 03:02
    Con El Ritmo Del Tambo - Orquesta Mayombe 04:23


    The second in Jazz Room's occasional Pure Latin releases this Underground Masterpiece first emerged in 1980 and is an outstanding example of the Classic Era Nu Yorican El Barrio Underground Sound! If you dig the Tata Vasquez LP on Jazz Room then this is for you.

    Featuring the Afro-Cubano Salsaero Jazz Heavyweights of the day including Chocolate Armenteros, Jose Mangual, Mauricio Smith and Orestes Vilato and a huge seven man Percussion Section it really blasts out the Afro-Latin message.

    A part history of the Afro-Cuban Music Journey from the Hinterlands of Cuba via Havana and eventually arriving in Jazz Age New York it is a welcome addition to the Jazz Room Catalogue (as well as being Jazz Room Head Honcho's favourite albums).