The Golden Sunshine Steel Band, Drums & Steel Song

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    1: Drums & Steel Song

    2: Sunshine Steel


    - Taken. From hard to find private pressed Jamaican LP

    - Mastering by Sean P.

    - Limited to 500 copies

    Kalakuta Soul Records is back and starts the year with a new collaboration with one of the most inspiring record stores and well of fortune for all music lovers, especially for those who enjoy carribean music and the profound musical heritage of Jamaica - the infamous Bahlo Records.

    For this first release, both have created a new imprint that brings both labels together and goes by the name KABA that stands for (well…) Kalakuta Soul Bahlo Records.

    For their first collaborative release, they were able to license two songs originally released on a private pressed LP by the mighty "Golden Sunshine Steel Band" in 1980 that will definitely wave you through day and night, whether you're listening to it at home, on the road or in a furious set on a mind-blowing sound system.