Lewis Parker, Frequency Of Perception (Instrumentals)

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Genre: HIP HOP
Format: 2 LP
Date de parution: 2024


Side A

1. Thoughts in Sound (Instrumental)

2. All I Got (Instrumental)

3. All My Life (Instrumental)

4. Cash Money (Instrumental)

Side B

5. Go Head Wid Ya Self (Instrumental)

6. Thug Livin (Instrumental)

7. Dumb Hot (Instrumental)

8. Crime Time (Instrumental)

9. Still Wanna Ride (Instrumental)

Side C

10. AC Skit (Drums)

11. Crown (Instrumental)

12. Theme for London Town (Instrumental)

13. Females (Instrumental)

14. Keep It on the Low (Instrumental)

Side D

15. Bullseye (Instrumental)

16. Torpedo (Instrumental)

17. How Ya Livin (Instrumental)

18. Dealing with Times (Instrumental)


Instrumentals of “Frequency Of Perception” on 2LP black vinyl.  

King Underground Records present the instrumentals version of Lewis Parker's sought after hip-hop record Frequency Of Perception - a record that continued to cement Parker as a stalwart of the 90s hip-hop sound, think Tribe, Slum Village, The Pharcyde et al.

The prolific UK born hip hop legend, proves to be as tapped into the feel of a pocket as he was when he came on the scene in the 90s. "All I Got", the album's first track, has a groove to the bassline that you won't forget. The spacey keys show themselves early in the record and are a constant that gives the record a dreamy feel, adding a mystical and psychedelic energy. Whereas "All My Life" is a well executed balance between that energy found in the flute held up by a taught backbeat, allowing it to maintain a free spirit.

The attention to detail and the intent in the sequencing and production on Frequency of Perception is best noticed when listening front to back.

The whole album touches on dynamics in line with the iconic sound that Parker built his reputation on for decades. All while finding new ways to tell stories by further exploring instrumentation. Lewis remains consistent in his craft, continuing to cook up beats and productions with classic techniques and fresh ingredients. There is no sense of reaching, the productions exude an attitude that reaps a true passion for his craft.

A Seminal record in the hip-hop community from 90s UK hip-hop legend Lewis Parker. For fans of: Tribe, Slum Village, The Pharcyde etc.