The Best Of Uno Melodic Records
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    A1:    Roy Ayers - "Everybody

    A2:    Eighties Ladies - "Turned On To You

    A3:    Sylvia Striplin - "You Can't Turn Me Away

    B1:    Roy Ayers - "Chicago

    B2:    Sylvia Striplin - "Give Me Your Love

    B3:    Ethel Beatty - "I Know You Care

    C1:    Roy Ayers - "And Then We Were One

    C2:    Justo Almerio - "Interlude

    C3:    Bobby Humphrey - "Baby Don't You Know

    D1:    Eighties Ladies - "Ladies Of The Eighties

    D2:    Jaymz Bedford - "Just Keep My Boogie

    D3:    Rick Holmes - "Remember To Remember


    Uno Melodic was the brainchild of the legendary Roy Ayers. At the height of his career in the early 80s, Roy established Uno Melodic to explore working as a writer, musician, producer and record label owner with complete control over his creative ideas. Roy brought artists and musicians to the label invaluable to him at Polydor and in whom he saw potential to make more great records. Between 1980 and 1983 Uno Melodic released records that went onto become definitive of their time, classics that became much sought after. The label and its signature releases are part of the Roy Ayers legacy, the best of which Expansion have assembled here on remastered double LP.

    Sylvia Striplin, Eighties Ladies and Ethel Beatty represent the soul, disco, two step and boogie sides of Uno Melodic, Bobbi Humphrey, Justo Almario and Roy himself the masters of jazz fusion at the label. The album concludes with the spoken words of Rick Holmes on one of the label's biggest ever release on the label.