Madlib Medicine Show No. 5 - History Of The Loop Digga : 1990-2000
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2010 => 2022

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    A1 Warning (Intro)
    A2 Static Invazion
    A3 Stakeout
    A4 Rapper X Radio
    A5 Last Day's Music
    A6 Nothing From Nothing
    A7 Episode VII
    A8 Episode VIII
    A9 Episode IX
    A10 Episode X
    B1 Episode XI
    B2 Episode XII
    B3 Episode XIII
    B4 Episode XIV
    B5 Episode XV
    B6 Episode XVI
    B7 Episode XVII
    B8 Episode XVIII
    C1 Episode XIX
    C2 Episode XX
    C3 Further Adventures Of Walkman Flavor
    C4 Episode XXII
    C5 Episode XXIII
    C6 Episode XXIV
    C7 Episode XXV
    C8 Episode XXVI
    D1 EpisodeXXVII
    D2 Live From Outer Space
    D3 Real Days
    D4 C.D.P. Assassins Pt. 1
    D5 C.D.P. Assassins Pt. 2 & 3
    D6 C.D.P. Assassins Pt. 4
    D7 C.D.P. Assassins Pt. 5
    D8 C.D.P. Assassins Pt. 6


    The Madlib Medicine Show series is a combination of Madlib's new hip-hop productions, remixes, beat tapes, and jazz, as well as mixtapes of funk, soul, Brazilian, psych, jazz and other undefined forms of music from the Beat Konducta's 4-ton stack of vinyl.

    Back in the 90s, “beat tapes,” as a Hip Hop producer’s demo-reel is now quaintly referred to, were literally that: cassette tapes of beats that a producer made either for himself, his friends, or for potential collaborators. As you can imagine, Madlib made a bunch of ‘em in the days between his early productions for the Alkaholiks (circa ’92) and the release of his Quasimoto album (2000) – after which he took a couple of years off of the beats to focus on making jazz music with his fictional five piece, Yesterdays New Quintet.

    This collection of beats showcases the way that Madlib’s early Hip Hop demos were filtered out to his friends and associates and provides an opportunity for a unique view into Madlib’s working process: these beats, often freestyled on whatever machine he had at the ready, were picked up by rappers over a period of many years. Trainspotters will find it interesting that beats later destined for the likes of Wildchild and Percee P were made some years before those albums saw release.

    This album is punctuated with a series of early solo-raps by Madlib and his Quasimoto alter ego and features the cadre known collectively as CDP – those rappers who worked side by side with Madlib during the days of his Oxnard-based “Crate Diggas Palace” studios.