Madlib, Low Budget High Fi Music
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2011 => 2023

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Statut: SOLD OUT
Genre: HIP HOP
Format: 1 LP
Date de parution: 2011
Date de la réedition: 2023


A1. Sounds of the Studio (Prelude)
A2. Hold Up
A3. Handmade Hustle (Instrumental)
A4. Start Sumthin' (93033) (Feat. Roc C)
A5. Thoughts Of An Old Flame (Skit)
A6. Minze (Come Closer)
A7. Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme)
A8. The Ride (Nightcoastin' Instrumental)
A9. O.G. Pt. 1 (Whirlwind Mix)
A10. O.G. Pt. 2 (Underwater Mix)
A11. Stageridin' (First Demo Double Image Mix) Pt 1
B1. Stageridin' (First Demo Double Image Mix) Pt.2
B2. Love_Hate (Instrumental)
B3. Smoke Break (Whodat_) / Interview #4080
B4. Embryo Thought (Instrumental)
B5. The Adventures Of Soul Bra And Docta Dick'em Excerpt
B6. Cheaters (Episode #3) (Feat. Poke)
B7. Mic Check (Smoke Break II)
B8. Real Talk
B9. The Sound of Champions (Instrumental)
B10. Charlie Hustle
B11. Girls (Prelude) / Same


Madlib Invazion presents a colored vinyl issue of the long out of print 11th issue on the Madlib Medicine Show series - Low Budget High-Fi Music, on clear pink vinyl.
In 2010, Madlib launched an ambitious series of releases known as the Madlib Medicine Show, which allowed the prolific producer to release new material on a monthly basis.
The series touched on all the genres Madlib digs, and that’s just about any genre you can consider - from Jazz to Rock, Soul to Disco, myriad African musics, Brazilian and Reggae.
On the 11th installment in series Madlib returned to his hip hop roots with Low Budget High-Fi Music. Featuring a run-down of regular Madlib collaborators who provide the Beat Konducta’s foil, it also included a hint of what was meant to come on the never-realized second Jaylib album, with a previously unreleased J Dilla collaboration.