Warsaw Pakt, Needle Time

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    A1 It's Not True

    A2 Even Money

    A3 Fruit Machine

    A4 Dog Fight

    A5 Fast Eddie

    A6 Steppin' Outa Line

    A7 Cut Glass Jaw

    B1 Nose Bleed

    B2 Breastbeating

    B3 Believe Me Honey

    B4 Lorraine

    B5 Hello Angel

    B6 Speeding

    B7 Sick & Tired

    C Safe And Warm

    D Sick 'N Tired


    Real high-energy rock’n’roll in its most potent form is best captured live and in the moment. Maximum thrills, minimum frills. In 1977, London’s Warsaw Pakt took that premise one step further, recording their album live, straight through, direct to the cutting lathe.

    The blazing urgency of the band’s performance, combined with a set of edgy, memorable songs makes “Needle Time” one of the most exciting releases of the ‘70s punk era. It’s also one of the most neglected.

    More than forty years later, “Needle Time” stands as one of the most authentic documents of the lean, visceral sound of London punk rock in its banner year.

    LP + 7" single pack reissued here on vinyl for the first time.

    Includes insert with extensive liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things Magazine) and individually hand customized record cover.