Black Fire - 5LP Boxset
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    Limited edition, one time pressing in a obi-wrapped “box set.” 

    These are Now-Again’s definitive reissues five classic Spiritual Jazz and Funk albums from DC’s legendary Black Fire record label. 

    Each album: Lacquered, most directly from master tape, by legendary Los Angeles mastering engineer Bernie Grundman. 

    Packaged in a thick, tip-on sleeve and includes a unique, oversize booklet with extensive notes on each album, the Black Fire collective, and the musical and cultural revolution they created + rare photos

    5 records available individually and as part of an obi-wrapped set that offers a value priced set of the albums. 


    JUJU – LIVE AT THE EAST (1973) –  Previously unreleased live session recorded at the legendary Brooklyn venue in 1973.

    1. (Struggle) Home (Plunky Nkabinde) 15:39

    2. Soledad Brothers (Al-Hammel Rasul) 5:41

    3. At Least We Have A Horizon Now (Al-Hammel Rasul) 6:22

    4. Black Experience (Al-Hammel Rasul) 7:29

    JUJU – CHAPTER TWO: NIA (1974). Essential Spiritual Jazz originally issued on the lauded Strata-East label.

    1. Introduction (Juju) – 2:40

    2. Contradiction (For Thulani) (Plunky Nkabinde) 5:10

    3. Black Experience (Al-Hammel Rasul) 3:44

    4. Nia (Poem: Complete The Circle) (Plunky Nkabinde, Ngoma Ya Uhuru) 8:36

    5. The End Of The Butterfly King (Poem: Things Comin’ Along) (Lon Moshe, Ngoma Ya Uhuru) 6:10

    6. Black Unity (Pharoah Sanders)* 15:58

    ONENESS OF JUJU – AFRICAN RHYTHMS (1975). Oneness of Juju’s deep jazz/funk classic debut.

    1. African Rhythms (Plunky Branch)

    2. Kazi (Plunky Branch, Muzi Branch)

    3. Funky Wood (Reginald Brisband, Babatunde)

    4. Tarishi (Babatunde, Michael Lea)

    5. Mashariki (Al-Hammel Rasul)

    6. Chants (Folkloric)

    7. Don’t Give Up (Joseph Bentley, Al-Hammel Rasul)

    8. Incognito (Al-Hammel Rasul)

    9. Poo Too (Plunky Branch, Muzi Branch)

    10. Liberation Dues (Plunky Branch)

    ONENESS OF JUJU – SPACE JUNGLE LUV (1976) . Oneness of Juju’s cosmic second album, featuring Joe Bonner.

    1. River Luv Rite (Lon Moshe, Plunky Nkabinde, Muzi Nkabinde, Melvin Glover, Ronnie Toler, Eka-Ete, Allababa) 8:03

    2. Follow Me (Plunky Nkabinde, Ronnie Toler, Eka-Ete) 4:57

    3. Soul Love Now (Plunky Nkabinde, Muzi Nkabinde) 4:50

    4. Space Jungle Funk (Melvin Glover, Plunky Nkabinde) 9:36

    5. The Connection (Plunky Nkabinde) 3:18

    6. Love’s Messenger (Melvin Glover, Eka-Ete) 3:07

    EXPERIENCE UNLIMITED – FREE YOURSELF (1977) –  The go-go band’s sought after debut album. Enriched funk.

    1. It’s All Imagination (Clarence Smith)

    2. Functus (Michael Hughes)

    3. Peace Gone Away (Donald Fields)

    4. Free Yourself (Gregory Elliot, Anthony Easton, Michael Hughes)

    5. Hey You (Kenny St. Lewis, Max Kidd, Experience Unlimited)

    6. People (Donald Fields)

    7. Funky Consciousness (Experience Unlimited)