Blu, York (10th Ann. Edition)
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2013 => 2023

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Format: 2 LP
Date de parution: 2013
Date de la réedition: 2023


Doin Nothin (feat. U-God)
Everything OK (feat. Jack Davey)
Everybody Nose (feat. Sa-Ra and Nola Darling)
Above Crenshaw (feat. Cashus King)
Soupa (feat. Suzi Analogue)
Annie Hall (feat. Chop, Cherry Pop, and Tiombe Lockhart)
Tags (feat. Exile)
Spring Winter Summer Fall (feat. Jimetta Rose)
Down To Earth (feat. Donel Smokes, Definite, and Dubble Oh)
My Sunshine (feat. Nia Andrews)
Jazmin (feat. Andy Allo)
Ronald Morgan (feat. Edan)
Keep Ush Inn
Doin Somethin (feat. El Prez, Pac Div, U-N-I, TiRon & Ayomari, and J*Davey)


-"York" features guest appearances by U-God of Wu-Tang Clan, Edan, Sa-Ra, Pac Div, Suzi Analogue, U-N-I, J*Davey, Jimetta Rose, TiRon & Ayomari, Cashus King, Nia Andrews, and more.
-"York" includes production by Flying Lotus, Madlib, Exile, Dibia$e, Knxwledge, Shafiq Husayn, Daedalus, and Samiyam.
-Includes the vinyl-only bonus tracks "Jazmin", "Jazzmen", and "Ronald Morgan". "Ronald Morgan" features guest vocals by Edan and production by Madlib.
-After the initial 4LP box set sold out long ago, this 10th Anniversary Edition on gatefold 2LP vinyl features new redesigned artwork.
-This now-classic album received rave reviews from outlets like Pitchfork, The Los Angeles Times, PopMatters, and Exclaim! upon release.

Experience an experiment turned masterpiece…"York". Originally titled "NoYork" and slated to be the major label debut from acclaimed Los Angeles emcee Blu, this much-discussed collection was eventually renamed and (finally) released through Nature Sounds in 2013. The result was a certified classic that remains one of Blu’s most ambitious projects to date. Infused with the electronic experimentation of the early 2000s L.A. beat scene, "York" covers a wide spectrum of sound, displaying the production of beat icons like Flying Lotus, Madlib, Exile, Dibia$e, Shafiq Husayn, Daedalus, Knxwledge, and Samiyam. Melding world-class lyricism with sonic textures encompassing psych rock, dub, broken beats, and jazz, the album strikes a unique balance between golden era hip-hop and eclectic futurism. Several guest artists helped Blu realize this vision, including U-God of Wu-Tang Clan, Edan, Sa-Ra, Pac Div, Suzi Analogue, U-N-I, J*Davey, and more. With the original 4LP pressing long out of print, Nature Sounds is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of "York" with the release of this new redesigned gatefold 2LP edition.