A.Y.B. FORCE, Carioca Moon / A.Y.Boogaloo

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2021 05 28
2021 06 25

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24,00 €

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    SIDE A:Carioca Moon 

    SIDE B:A.Y.Boogaloo


    Funky break beats squad "A.Y.B. FORCE" is consisted by Japanese and American DJs / producers such as Lark Chillout, MATSUMOTO HISATAAKAA, Mercedez Boy etc. A-side is jazzy breakbeats "Carioca Moon" which is using classic Brazilian jazz songs that are also famous as sampling source.  B-side "A.Y.Boogaloo" is insturmental track including classical break of rare grooves. It's a release of full of respect and admiration for hip-hop in the early days, and their rebellious spirit is still here!