Etienne de la Sayette, Maputo Queens
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    1. Take a Second feat. Racecar 03:39
    2. Maputo Queen 04:59
    3. Jungle Blue 03:42
    4. Mafa Doubou 04:47
    5. Hang Gang 04:29
    6. Feeling You feat. Afrodyete 03:59
    7. I'm so Cool In Seoul 03:32
    8. Lord Bougainvillard 04:02
    9. Z-Man Boogaloo 04:56
    10. Post Card 03:59


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    Includes 12"x12" insert

    "With so much music out every day, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. So when we were introduced to Paris based composer/arranger/producer Etienne de la Sayette’s solo effort Maputo Queens, we knew it would be on repeat here in the studio. His CV is a diverse one: Founder of the Frix and Baeshi Bang groups, co-founder/saxophonist for Parisian Ethio-Jazz band Akalé Wubé, live musician, producer and more. On a whole, Maputo Queens is an afrojazz bouillabaisse of different sounds, the spices from his travels all over the world. The title track is is exactly what you’d expect from a cat in Ethio-Jazz bands. It’s deep, with afro influences from start to finish.

    A tribute to a favorite night in Mozambique at Maputo, the sound is very distinct. That organ, along with the flute, pair up with vintage synthesizers, a Univox drum machine, and beats and claps that bring back memories of long, sweaty gigs and the music played at the Afro-Spot by the Black President himself. There are ghosts of his music in here, and from the first beat, his spirit shines through this track. But Etienne de la Sayette and his talented bunch of musicians are not finished here. The driving bass propels the beat and as the organ chops move in and out, delicately around the flute, the psychedelic afro beat is tough as they come. The noodling on the synthesizer further out in the track will keep your head bobbing and your feet dancing until the wee hours. It’s music like this, weaving a narrative tale of African music that speaks volumes to future generations, but also does its best to preserve the rich tradition of the ingredients that go into the sound. Etienne is a talented artist making the world a much better place with tracks like this and an album like Maputo Queens. Our day is much better as well, and you will agree that it will brighten up yours. Have a listen to the track, and stream the whole record below".

    Harvey Jamison - Flea Market Funk - NYC 

    Executive production, compositions, playing & recording : Etienne de la Sayette
    Mix : Cristian Sotomayor & Fabien Girard
    Mastering : Fabien Girard
    Artwork : Ben Hito
    (c) Muju Records

    Guests : Racecar, Afrodyete, Max Weinssenfeldt, Blundetto, Stefano Lucchini, David Georgelet, Arnaud Lechantre, Erwan Loeffel, Loïc Réchard, Philippe George