Brothers Of The Same Mind
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2021 02 19

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    A1 Cool Drink

    A2 Suspect

    A3 Throw Up Your Hands

    A4 A&R

    B1 Keep Sleepin On Me

    B2 Soul 2 The Rhythm

    B3 Brothers Of The Same Mind


    Originally released in Seattle on cassette only in 1991 on Conspiracy

    The group was featured in The Source‘s “Unsigned Hype” column in October 1990

    Conscious rap masterpiece with the qualities of Public Enemy and Gang Starr

    30th-anniversary deluxe vinyl mastered from original DAT by Jack Endino

    Ever Rap/P.I.G. Records is proud to announce the 30th anniversary LP edition of Brothers Of The Same Mind. This self-titled, seven-song album from 1991 is one of the most valuable and sought after artifacts in the history of Seattle hip-hop. Five Seattle legends combined forces to create this true Seattle rap supergroup: Class, Swift, B-Max, Mellow Touch, and Sin-Q. Brothers Of The Same Mind reached a heightened creative plateau with this release. It combines the persuasive, empowering messages found in Public Enemy and BDP with the choppy, sample-based production that made Gang Starr a golden era favorite. Don’t sleep! Pre-order your copy today! 


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