Jim Schmidt, Somethin’ Right

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    1LP - P-VINE
    2021 08 27

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    A1.Love Has Taken It All Away

    A2. Somethin' Right

    A3.Not Your Love Alone

    A4.Within His Joy

    A5.The Person That I Really Want To Be 


    B2.The Eye Of The Storm

    B3.Promised Land

    B4.Surer Of Myself



    Long awaited reissue for AOR fans is here! JIM SCHMIDT is a American Christian singer actived in 80's west coast and his only work "Somethin’Right" had been released in 1983 from Emerald Records, produced and arranged by Terry Winch. this work was highly regarded as a masterpiece of CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) AOR,  the chorus participation of Richard Page and Steve George of Paiges and some tracks is compsed by Bob Wilson from Seawind and Roby Duke. AOR listeners can not stand with opening tune "Love Has Taken It All Away"! this reissue will come with OBI-strip.


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