Fay, This Is A Blessing

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2021 10 29

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    A1. This Is A Blessing 

    A2. I Know Who You Should See

    A3. Magnify Thy Lord 

    A4. Totally Surrender 

    B1. I Don't Know You 

    B2. Take A Moment In The Morning 

    B3. Any Load You Can Handle 

    B4. Reprise: This Is A Blessing


    <Groove Diggers>

    Fay Hill has been based in LA since the 1980s and is best known for her 2nd album "Island In My Mind" which was released in 1987 with a rich selection professional musicians and engineers from LA. This, her debut album "This Is A Blessing", released six years earlier in 1981, is by comparison a much more raw and spontaneous affair which in turn spotlights her powerful gospel vocals, and the bustling funk and soul scene of LA in the early 80s.

    "I Don't Know You" (M5) is an album highlight produced by MICHAEL ORR who will be familiar to Rare Groove followers along with its wonderful cutting guitar line. "I Know Who You Should See" (M2) and "Any Load You Can Handle" (M7) were also released as single-cut 7 inches at the time and are still in high demand. It's an album truly full of killer tunes, and finally seeing its first reissue in the world!