Lowell Fulson, Tramp

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Genre: BLUES
Label: P-VINE
Format: 1 LP
Date de parution: 1967
Date de la réedition: 2023


A1. Tramp 

A2. I'm Sinkin' 

A3. Get Your Game Up Tight 

A4. Back Door Key 

A5. Two Way Wishing 

A6. Lonely Day 

A7. Black Nights 

B1. Year Of 29 

B2. No Hard Feeling 

B3. Hustler's Game 

B4. Goin' Home 

B5. Pico 

B6. Year Of 29 (alt. take) 

B7. Tramp (take 1)


★ Timeless masterpiece of Blues music 

★ With Japanese OBI-Strip 

★ Reissue of KLMP-5020 (Mono mix) Nicknamed 

“The Sleeping Giant” by B.B. King, Lowell Fulson is one of the finest bluesmen to ever come out of Oklahoma. Tramp, his second effort from legendary blues label Kent Records, sees Fulson at his honey-toned best. The opener and title track “Tramp” is arguably Fulson’s most popular song - a funk blues cut which initially peaked at number five on Billboard’s R&B Charts before becoming a minor hit for Otis Redding and Carla Thomas (who would take it to number two on that very same chart) just a single month later. Across twelve tracks, Fulson’s playing is constantly funky, constantly bluesy, and constantly amazing. Don’t miss a single moment - reissued on limited edition monophonic vinyl, this record sounds simply fantastic.